The CPO of DLB Mr.Su Shijian recently attended the 2018 China Blockchain Technology Application Conference. DLB project won the “China Blockchain Technology Application Award” by the organizer.

Mr. Su summarized the pseudo-blockchain as a bad currency to drive out good money. The blockchain solves practical problems as a thing with both technical and ideological heights: improving business and social governance mechanisms. Mr. Su said that it is necessary to widely spread positive knowledge to the public and understand the reliable blockchain. The public should also take a comprehensive view of whether the idea, technology, and application of the blockchain project are in line with their own judgments on the development of the industry, and whether the nature of the blockchain can really solve the shortcomings of the current industry, whether it can be for the public and Society brings greater value. Prevent the Token mechanism from being exploited and a liar project.

In the roundtable, Mr. Su emphasized the need to understand the economic model of the blockchain and whether it is a sustainable economic ecosystem. If the builders in this ecology gain much more than pay, there must be problems.

Mr. Su reminds the public that it is necessary to double judge through the brain and the heart, and the project with vivid experience does not represent a high probability of success. It depends on the team's willingness to pay for the ideal, to dare to give it all and to use the mind to fight for it.